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The BEST FREE RXASAP APP that allows pharmacy customers to manage their medicines, order refills, check the status of the shipment, get discounts, gift pills to every order and more!

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RX-ASAP makes it easy for customers to place orders directly from Android app. Full access to all our products

One of the main questions is how the RX ASAP application got into the Play Market? The application is not distributed through the Google Play Market, when installing it, customers do not need to enter the security settings, they only receive a message that the application is not from the Google Play Market.

As the tests showed, users easily install it. This is a special application so far for Android called RxASAP - this is a real online store in your phone! Do you think if a person put this application, made a couple of purchases, will he continue to buy only through it?

100% chance that yes, but why should he look for something, since the price suits here, and the service delivery, and convenience in work.

For Android there are many good browsers, but the most reliable and fastest is Google Chrome. RX ASAP has the support of the most advanced web technologies, can save mobile traffic and has a simple and intuitive interface.

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Make sure your parcels safe and sound make way to your doorstep

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Make order or reorder at smartphone smart and simple! Your purchase one click away

Your online store is always with you. Americans people value their time very much. In this case the application helps in theirs.

The buyer does not need to search every time in google the tablets he needs, he put the application - and buys from a verified seller.

Opened the android application, download rxasap app, made the order, closed it. No need for a browser, no google. Buyers are tired of running around the top search engines, go to the shops that are not available, get a custom support of various partners while confusing them with each other, now everything is simple, convenient and efficient.

This is truly a revolutionary product in the new android app - now you do not need to be afraid of search for new products, hosting problems, etc. The application will calmly stand on the phones of your customers and for years will bring you income.

Use the tools available in the Android app to clear the application cache. Google is vigilantly monitoring the contents of its store and immediately removes all potentially dangerous elements from it, so always active antivirus monitoring will only in vain slow down your phone or tablet.